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Track Name: Error Grinder - Bubbles Of Blood
Come closer come closer my little friend
Don't be afraid I am nice
Take my hand and step in my trap
I'm only gonna cut once or twice

I like how you scream when you try to run
I wonder how you look inside
You beg me to stop but I have just begun

Tiny bubbles of blood
Tiny bubbles of blood
Tiny bubbles of blood
You blow Tiny bubbles of blood for me
Track Name: Error Grinder - Kill Religion
The church has power
Religion has power
But we are strong

Burn the churches
Kill the priests
Burn the churches
Kill religion
Track Name: Error Grinder - Gut Fucker
Cutting people up and fuck their guts

Track Name: Error Grinder - Pig Industry Pt. I
You say it's nothing wrong with that pig
I say you speak alot of shit

You raise the head of a bleeding pig
With a smile on your face

You enjoy the screams of a gutted animal
Youre a fucking disgrace
Track Name: Error Grinder - The Woman
You are so ugly my dick won't stand
You are so ugly I puke on you
You are so ugly I fuck you in the ass

You are prettier with a bag over your head
You are prettier when you are dead
Track Name: Error Grinder - No God
Brainwashed to the bone
Suicide, sacrifice, insanity
A life in lie for the believer

There is nothing after death
Never trust the spirits
Praying for the better, bullshit

Never ending war, religion among us
No life for the religious
No god for the religious

No fucking god
Track Name: Error Grinder - Cal. 12
Blood dripping from the ceiling
Parents cry, brain is everywhere

The father hold the pieces of his son
The mother reloads the gun
Track Name: Error Grinder - Redneck Abortion
I force my fist up your vagina and tie a rope to your child
The other end are tied to the truck

Full throttle the baby will come out
Pedal to the metal the baby shouts


The baby came out in a pull, dead as fuck a bloody slpat
Track Name: Error Grinder - The Acid Fog
Walking in circles, lost in the fog
Your steps leading nowhere
Struggle to find a way out

The fog is getting thicker, you're stuck
Hopeless falling down, no one hear your screams

Breathing with your eyes
Acid fog makes it painfull
You are all alone
You'll never make it out alive